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Collection of dog pictures.

Our best friends
Our family
Our inspiration

Muse Pets is a Melbourne-based company that started with one premise: To offer well-designed pet essentials that elevate every moment shared between pets and their loving human companions.

We're a brand centred around fulfilling the genuine needs of pets and their owners with a focus on comfort, safety, and style.

Come along with us on our journey

Founded by Iro and Cheryl. Two pet lovers whose friendship sparked over the serendipitous shared names of the dogs and mutual dedication to provide the best care for the furbabies. A passion that led to the creation of Muse Pets – a brand with a vision to bring style and function to our pet's everyday needs. 

This is just the beginning; we cannot wait to share what's next with you!

Founders of Muse Pets with their dogs
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